10 Things That Nobody Told You about Web Design

Web design is a constantly developing and transforming field. The only thing that we can tell about it for sure is that it deals with website creation. There is no all-in-one guide to web design, and textbooks on it can hardly cover the basic aspects.

Are you ready to learn some intriguing facts that nobody told you about web design? Let’s go for them and peep into the unknown world of web design innovations.

10 Things That Nobody Told You about Web Design

Fact # 1: Web Design is More Than Just Design

Do you think that web design is just about layout, colors, fonts and images? Actually it’s not. A modern web-designer should be versed is SEO-optimization, HTML5 and CSS code, browser compatibility, social media marketing and be a true expert of website usability.

Fact # 2: Website Design Should Be Future Oriented

Designing a website with all the latest web design trends in mind, you should still leave a place for improvement. Be ready to reassess and rebuilt parts of your website once new plugins and extensions come out. If you’ve already launched your website, keep searching for the best tools to power its functionality and be ready to switch to them.

Fact # 3: You Need Real People, You Need Opinions

Testing your website with tools available online is great. However, it won’t completely substitute human eye. Give your friends a task to find certain information and complete certain tasks on your website and get their feedback. Also, go for A/B testing and see what option gives you higher conversion rate.

Fact # 4: No More Than 4 Seconds

Your website load time should not exceed 4 seconds. If it loads longer, many people will just switch to another relevant website. To optimize your website’s performance, you need to make its code clean and valid, reduce server response time, optimize images, CSS delivery and do some other important performance-tricks.

Fact # 5: Place it Above the Fold

Recent studies show that 77% of website guests attend to information above the fold, when just 22% get to the end of the page. The takeaway here is that placing important contact info and social buttons above the fold is a pretty reasonable idea. If the main conversion source of your website is bookings, submissions or appointments, placing a relevant CTA button in website header would also do a trick.

10 Things That Nobody Told You about Web Design

This WordPress theme by TemplateMonster provides a perfect example of how contact information, social buttons and a CTA button all fit into a clean and uncluttered website header.

Fact # 6: You Have Milliseconds to Impress

Scientists found out that assessment of website’s visual appeal is formed in 50 ms. That’s how much you have to form a positive first impression. So, go for fullwidth slider that open with an eye-pleasing image, unclutter your home-page and account for such factors and symmetry and balance.

Fact # 7: Modern Users are Banner-blind

Banner blindness is a notorious tendency of website users to avoid banners. If you want you banners to be seen, place them somewhere on top and shift them to the left when possible. Make sure your banners match your overall website design.

Fact # 8: Positive Stimulating Content Gets Shared The Most

Placing social sharing buttons above your article is not enough to get your content shared. Studies have shown that the content that gets shared most is stimulating (excites readers), positive (evokes positive emotions and well-written (written in simple language and logically structured).

10 Things That Nobody Told You about Web Design

Fact # 9: Showing Your Face Is a Great Trust-Booster

If your website’s imagery shows real people in real situations instead of poised looks of stock images, your website will be trusted more, and site guests will relate. To build trust, it’s crucial to have a human-sounding ‘About Us’ page that shows smiling faces of you and your team.

10 Things That Nobody Told You about Web Design

Fact # 10: Make It More Convenient

It’s a great advantage, if people can order a services or contact you right on your website. Do not hesitate to go for industry-related plugins that power such functionality of a website as table/room reservation, appointment booking, call-back request, property submission, etc. If people can order a service right away, they will likely to go for it on your website.


I hope these simple facts are a good charge of food for thought. Feel free to learn more about the facts that surprised you most on the web and become be a bit more of a web designer every day you work on your website.

Do you have any questions or comments? I’ll be happy to see them below. Stay tuned!