8 Signs That Your Custom Site Scares The Clients

Do you know about the awful thing regarding the custom site that you order from a web designer? It’s the fact that you might run into a beginner. Well, it happens in every sphere of our life, and everyone – from nurses to teachers – studies on their own mistakes. And definitely, you wouldn’t like to be there when they are still gaining their experience. But life is life. We all have to start from somewhere.

So, the site you get from a fresh web designer might even seem ok, since you are not into the details of coding and design principles. But in reality, you might see that your website actually averts customers. Let’s find out the reason for this distressing situation so you could take action and change your site into something more user-friendly until it is too late.

8 Signs That Your Custom Site Scares The Clients

Here Are The Eight Most Common Things That Might Scare Your Clients Away:

1. Your website looks fine on PC, but it’s impossible to navigate using a mobile. The font is illegible, images are too small, and some part of the page doesn’t fit into the screen. What a disappointing and tiring experience for your visitors! They would rather find some other retailer or financing agency (or whatever you do) since there are too many of the same kind on the Internet. Nowadays, most visits to commercial websites and online stores are operated with the help of phone access. So for your website having a responsive design and being mobile-friendly is a must-have.

8 Signs That Your Custom Site Scares The Clients

2. The process of choosing and buying something from your site is like trying to get out of the maze. Too complicated navigation with multiple transitions to different pages is not appropriate for maintaining your business. Make sure that the whole process of buying something from your online shop takes no more than a couple of clicks. And of course, you should provide your website with handy search forms. It would be a pity to lose track of the products your customer fancied.

3. You’re overprotective about your personality. You might agree that you must be open to contacts unless you are a killer or a secret agent. Otherwise, what are you doing on the web? When people are simply looking for contact details to get in touch with you, but in vain, they are likely to find another provider of the services of the same kind. Admit it – your business isn’t that unique!

Check if your site has a convenient contact form, a Google map with your location indicated. It goes without saying that there should be updated information about your company on the page “About us” which must be easily accessible from the menu. By the way, is the menu panel always there within striking distance? Another useful thing to do is to introduce your team or staff on the corresponding page and place the information about your company or office in the footer. Such easy steps are bound to raise your site’s credibility.

8 Signs That Your Custom Site Scares The Clients

4. You are greedy about your content. Are you serious – no buttons for sharing your posts on social media? Nobody would care to quote you on Twitter, re-typing every single letter from your website. Don’t you think you are missing the opportunity for free advertising? Isn’t it great that you readers share your article, photo of your products, or news and discuss them on the Internet? You still have time to apply for this option until it’s too late!

5. Color combinations from hell! If your website isn’t pleasant to the eye, it could be another reason for your visitors to leave it ASAP. The design should make them want to stay and look around. But if the color scheme isn`t awful to look at, well, you have probably chosen the wrong designer who heard nothing of the color theory. Remember some fatal color combinations to avoid: vibrant tones on a black background; pale text on a light background; using bright-textured website backgrounds and acid color combinations.

8 Signs That Your Custom Site Scares The Clients

6. Blonds everywhere. If the gifs and images you use are not related to your business, it won’t be enjoyable to see them at every step. I have nothing against blonds, but what do they have to do with dentistry or a pet accessories shop, for goodness sake? So make sure the images you use are appropriate to the topic. The same refers to the general look: don’t choose illustration and cartoon style for a website to deal with banking and finance; grunge style will look messy and untidy if you are into a wedding business or run a hotel or a restaurant.

7. Too much flashing and blinking. It isn’t persuasive unless you sell something to cure scattered brain syndrome. But still, in the latter case, you’ll only increase human deprivations. So use gifs, video and media integration, and background options wisely. All you need is to showcase your services and goods professionally and attractively. The products should be the focus of the site, and all the other stuff is sidetracking. In this case, it’s better to underdo. Opt for another way to draw attention to what you are trying to sell – image galleries and sliders. All images can be magnified and viewed from several angles. Moreover, there are many options to enhance their visibility. These options let you showcase the services and products in a favorable light without all that shimmering and glimmering or any clumsy animations.

8 Signs That Your Custom Site Scares The Clients

8. The blocks of information are scattered all over the page. Some websites are just packed, crammed, and jammed, so you feel you lack some fresh air. Use layout wisely, and don’t be afraid to leave some free space between the blocks with information – your mind and attention really need it to get loose. It’s not a brilliant idea to place all the information on the single home page. And if you are in doubt about what layout you need, hit for a clean and minimalistic style appropriate for most businesses. Minimalist sites load faster, take fewer resources, don’t have many visitors, physically complicated elements, and give a professional, clean impression.

As you can see, there are many things to keep in mind when you want to build a professional website to promote your business on the web. Make sure your website doesn’t have any of these signs. And what is most important check your content isn’t dull but useful, interesting, and engaging. Do bother to research ready-made WordPress themes, which are already built bearing your customer’s needs in mind. For example, well-branded marketing WordPress themes for e-commerce always have a responsive design, clear layout, and simple navigation. Their style and color scheme can be changed but not dramatically without the risk of spoiling the general view of the template. They have useful plugins to facilitate your work and your visitors’ experience on the site. So there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Just try the effective and money-saving solution!

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