Best Package Deal For Web Developers in 2018

Web Development Bundle From TemplateMonster

Best Package Deal For Web Developers in 2018

Web Development Bundle From TemplateMonster

Are you passionate about creating websites? Are you an ardent web designer or developer? Do you represent a site building studio?

TemplateMonster Digital Marketplace is about to greet you with their most all-encompassing bundle of the year!

Web Development Bundle From TemplateMonster

With this bundle, you’ll jumpstart your web development practice in 2018 and will be carrying our visually impressive projects all the year round.

So, what’s inside the bundle? You’ll find tons of products to work on your projects more effectively in 2018, to create and provide feature-rich websites, to craft branding materials of superior quality, to build your own social media templates and winning ad banners, etc. So, let’s just see a list of web design materials included to the bundle:

⦿ 8 first-rate website themes (with PSD files on board);

⦿ 8 sought-after WordPress plugins;

⦿ 3 impressive services offers;

⦿ 3 UI Kits (Web & Mobile Apps) for Photoshop and Sketch;

⦿ 2 advanced sets of icons (1200+ items);

⦿ 1 extended Mockup Bundle (for iPhone X, laptops, and other Apple devices);

⦿ Dozens of graphics and illustrative materials for your projects;

⦿ Thick pack of social media templates;

⦿ A number of ad banners that meet the latest Google recommendations;

⦿ Imagery of winter and holiday season.

With the bundle, you’ll get the products totally worth more than $3000 for less than 2% of its price.

The offer is limited. The bundle will be available just four days on December 11 – 15 on

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That’s it for today. If you provided your e-mail, you’re one step-closer to upgrading your website creation practice next year. Keep in mind that you have just four days to obtain the bundle. Stay tuned!