Monstroid 2 versus Divi: How to Choose?

Monstroid 2 versus Divi

Monstroid 2 versus Divi: How to Choose? Nowadays the Internet plays an enormous role in the life of any modern person. It’s not a surprise that we spend a lot of time in from of the computers or laptops and it’s not an incredible astonishment that a plenty of new technical tricks appear online every day. So, it means that now you can easily set up a desired online project, even if your skills in coding are nil. Just look all around you! Needless to say that eCommerce is certainly one of the most popular and advantageous business models. For these simple reasons, it has been developing pretty fast during the last years. Why is it so amazing? Let’s find out the reasons for such a huge popularity together. Firstly, using eCommerce allows you to introduce your services and products to the big audience without any great efforts. Secondly, launching a powerful and modern website allows you to be your own boss! Beyond doubt, now you can find a great variety of the trendy and stylish online projects. Moreover, it’s a crucial thing to give your future website a pleasant and even attractive look in order to satisfy the customers. Therefore, there are many different popular templates that are used for building exciting websites. How can you choose the best template among such a vast collection of them? All in all, in this article we will show you the difference between two popular templates: Monstroid 2 and Divi. Would you like to know more? Let’s begin!


The first aspect that we’re going to compare is GLP license. To cut a long story short, General Public License is a popular free software license. In general, it gives users an amazing opportunity to modify as their soul wants. What are these things that you can do with a template thanks to a GPL License? Maybe, let’s imagine that you already have a great GLP theme. In this case, you can, firstly, use your theme on an eternal number of domains. In addition to this, you can change the code of such a template and then use this theme for making a huge number of websites in the future. Moreover, you can also share pieces of modified code as your own creation and much more. Don’t you think that GPL License is a very powerful feature that can come with a template?

The thing is that both Monstroid 2 and Divi already have GLP license in their packs. Needless to say, it is a good thing because you don’t have to lose money each time you build a website for your needs.


Another important thing for your future online project is a comfort. Yep, it definitely should be user-friendly to give an opportunity to surf the website without any additional difficulties but now we are talking about another aspect. In a word, your ideal theme should be easy in installation, updating and so on and so forth. Not everyone among us has been facing coding face-to-face, so it could be a huge problem to install and customize a theme. In such a case, you definitely need installation wizard to start your work with the template. Talking about Monstroid 2, it has this feature that, actually, will be perfect not only for freebies but also for those who understand coding, because, anyway, it saves a great amount of time. Therefore, there will be no problems and you can quickly run your project, even if you have never done it before. What is more, there are a lot of various additional options. For example, one can choose the skin they prefer, tell installation wizard that you would like to install the demo data. Then just relax, as everything will be done automatically.

What about Divi? Unfortunately, it does not have its own installation wizard. Still, it’s quite flexible and can work as you want it to work. So what is the problem? Well, firstly, you have to do the installation by yourself and then enter the control panel. So, as you understand, Divi won’t be a great choice for novices, because it may seem quite difficult for them to do everything by themselves. The theme doesn’t offer you to use any additional installation tools.

Monstroid 2 vs Divi

Payment Plan

To say the truth, we’ve come to the most exciting topic. Actually, not everyone is ready to pay a lot of money for a single theme. Yes, we all know that economy is quite important for any business type, especially when we are talking about first steps in it. So, in case you don’t want to lose a mint of money, take a closer look at Monstroid 2 theme! Basically, there is only one payment to be done in order to work with Monstroid 2. How much does it cost? The price for Monstroid 2 is $75.
On the other hand, Divi allows you to develop as many sites as you need as well. The main difference between these two themes is that you need to choose an annual subscription plan to work with Divi. Shortly, you need to pay for the theme every year. Let’s take a closer look at 3 possible option that you have.

– For $69 a year you won’t get premium plugins and Layered Photoshop Files.

– Developer’s pay for $89 every year.

– Lifetime Access plan for $249, but you pay it only once.

So, if you don’t care about money, you can choose Divi and have some fun with it, but it’s completely vice versa, then just buy Monstroid 2 and be even more happy with it!


As you may know, Monstroid 2 provides its owners with 10 inimitable skins. Does your project need more creativity? In this case, you already have some variant among which you can choose your perfect one. Just set your eyes on one of them and then adjust it your needs. Needless to say, it is one of the main advantages of Monstroid 2. What is more, the professional team works hard to make their clients happy. Thus, there will be more themes and guess what? These updates will be free!

As it has already been said, you need to go to Divi’s builder to see their pre-loaded layouts and, frankly speaking, it’s very comfortable for beginners. Still, Divi also has its pluses. First of all, the template provides you with more than 20 various themes. Furthermore, you can always upload the new themes from their site. By the way, don’t forget that paying $89 every year means that you have access to all the Elegant Themes products. Today they have 88 themes, so you are able to use each of these templates.


To start with, with Monstroid 2 come 20 amazing plugins that can be described as more than helpful. As you may know, Monstroid is a multipurpose theme. Thus, it already includes everything that you need for the prosperity of your business. Now you can forget about the boring process of searching for each plugin individually, because you get everything in one big pack. If we’re talking about Divi, Elegant Themes provides you with 6 premium plugins as well. Below you can see the lists of features for both themes.

Monstroid 2 provides you with such plugins as:

  • TM Style Switcher
  • Cherry Projects
  • Cherry Testimonials
  • Cherry real Estate
  • Cherry Services List
  • Cherry Team Members
  • Cherry Search
  • Cherry PopUps
  • Cherry Trending Posts
  • Cherry Sidebars
  • And Divi provides you with the next plugins:
  • The Divi Builder
  • Bloom Email Opt-Ins
  • Monarch Social Media Sharing
  • HandHeld Mobile Plugin
  • Elegant Shortcodes
  • Maintenance Mode Plugin

Monstroid 2


In addition to this, Monstroid 2 provides you with fantastic Power Builder. With its help you can easily customize your themes. To finish with, both of these builders are comfortable and qualitative enough to assist you and help you in your website promotion. What is more, Divi also offers to use a visual builder to make the process of customization easier.

Technical Support

Not the last thing that everyone wants to get with a template. Monstroid 2 is a multifunctional product that was made by the trustworthy and well-known company TemplateMonster. Thus, they traditionally provide all the users with a free technical support that works 24/7. You may contact them via phone, chat or simply write an email. Moreover, don’t hesitate to contact TemplateMonster Service Center to get more detailed information or a professional consultation. In contrast, the only help that you can get if you have some issues with Divi is a forum. Unfortunately, today it is the only way to contact the team of Elegant Themes. Needled to say, the support that TM provides is not only more comfortable but also faster.

In contrast, the only tech support you will get choosing Divi is going to their forum and leaving your questions there. Unfortunately, today it is the only way to contact the team of Elegant Themes. Needled to say, the support that TM provides is not only more comfortable but also faster.


As you can see, this point is a small one. Actually, Monstroid 2 and Divi both include links to documentation that helps you to get started without any issues. What is more, this documentation is clear and pretty comfortable, so leave all the sad thoughts behind your back!

Monstroid 2 vs Divi3

Actually, Monstroid 2 and Divi both include links to documentation that helps you to get started without any issues. What is more, this documentation is clear and pretty comfortable. To summarize, the provided themes were made by the professionals. That’s why you can choose both Monstroid 2 and Divi to start the development of your website, but what is the best choice for you: Monstroid 2 or Divi? It’s difficult to give a clear answer, as you are the only person that knows everything about your needs. Thus, we hope that this post was helpful for you and the provided information will help you with your final decision-making.

Finally, feel free to share all of your thoughts considering these two themes and tell us what is the best variant in your own opinion. Actually, we hope that you’ve already made this not easy choice among this two options. Thanks for reading!