Benefits of Shopify Membership: Save up to 99% on Shopify Themes

Benefits of Shopify Membership

Shopify is one of the best solutions for eCommerce. Yep, it’s not free, but you will get superb support by Shopify team which comes with no additional payment for hosting. Actually, you just need to follow some steps: install a theme, customize it, upload the products, and start selling them.

It’s important to choose the proper and functional design for your online-shop. The whole presentation of your products depends on it. It’s not a big secret that customers want to see what they’re going to buy even in little details. So, you should provide them with such an opportunity, and it’s possible to do if you choose the right eCommerce platform for this very purpose.

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Shopify Themes by TemplateMonster. Why Are They So Great?

You can find plenty of Shopify themes on the Internet. If we’re talking about high-quality templates that are not only attractive, but also functional, the first website that you should visit to find them is

All templates are responsive and, in addition to this, they have everything to make sure that your website will become a powerful tool for promotion: tons of plugins and widgets, SEO-optimization, and plenty of customization tools.

From now on you can choose among three of our plans and save lots of money.

Now let’s look at them more closely:

Bronze Plan ($228, $19/month): 60 themes, 5 themes/month;

Silver Plan ($348, $29/month): 120 themes, 10 themes/month;

Gold Plan ($588, $49/month): unlimited themes, unlimited downloads;

Single Site License (for comparison): $139 for 1 theme.

Shopify Plan

It’s possible that you have only one online-store. It’s more than possible that you’ve already asked yourself the question: do I really need this huge number of themes? To tell the truth, sometimes you need to try on more than one design to find the perfect one. For such a purpose, we offer you a 1-year subscription plan (Bronze Plan, in other words). This option is the cheapest one, but it’s not without a crowd of opportunities. Actually, it sounds pretty good: 60 themes among which you can choose.

Shopify Themes by TemplateMonster

Moreover, you can decide to run one more online-shop. In this case, you don’t need to start looking all over again, because you already have everything that you need to build a powerful website. By the way, web-developers may find this offer really beneficial, too. It’s a great way to save money and not buy an individual theme license for every online-project.

Shopify Themes by TemplateMonster

How Can You Choose The Best Plan?

To be honest, you should think about the number of your customers while answering to this question, but, firstly, imagine that you’ve chosen Gold Plan. So, it means that each theme will cost you $2. Now it sounds even more alluring, doesn’t it? So, we’ve told you everything that you need to make the choice. Don’t hesitate and start saving your money right now!

Shopify Themes by TemplateMonster