11 Best WordPress Themes for News Website

11 Best WordPress Themes for News Website

Without a doubt, crowds of people want to be aware of the latest news regarding various spheres of life. Technology, science, fashion, sport – all of these topics are in great request at the present day. For this reason, more and more people decide to launch news portal and provide users with the latest updates on multiple areas of life. Thus, if you search for a stunning WordPress theme for news website, you will certainly find something up to your taste in this remarkable collection.

Why Do You Need to Choose WordPress to Launch Your News Website

  • This platform is extremely widely-used these days and in light of this, its community is growing every single day – you will always be able to find a skilled web-developer who is ready to help if you face some issues;
  • It comes alongside with a vast number of robust options which means that you can find plugin or widget practically for every purpose (optimize a load-speed of your website, give users a chance to use different ways of signing up to your newsletter, improve your rankings in search engines and so on and so forth);
  • The Internet is overloaded with high-quality and premium WordPress themes that will help you to make your news website play out in fresh colors.

So, let’s find out this very template that will allow you to be on the top with your online-project and capture the attention of every possible user on the web…

NEWSmaker – Excellent WordPress Theme

NEWSmaker - News & Magazine WordPress Theme WordPress Theme
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An innovative template that is considered to be a perfect suit for those people who want to run a feature-rich news portal. Its minimalist design won’t focus attention away from your content but, on the contrary, highlight the latest news. In addition to this, you will get a great package of 15 topical images that will allow you to present various topics in the best possible light.

Sportex – Outstanding WordPress Theme

Sport Page WordPress Theme
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If you want users to be abreast of multiple sports news, you should certainly bring this innovative template into view. With the help of nice-looking header and footer variations, you will be able to experiment with your website and freshen up its look. Moreover, a robust newsletter subscription will make it possible for your readers to get the latest discoveries right on their emails.

SKT NewsPaper Pro – Newspaper WordPress Theme

SKT NewsPaper Pro WordPress theme

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When it comes to Newspaper the whole ball game reaches another level. The smart and intelligent users will expect nothing less. Along with the quality of the content, the theme should be carefully chosen. The Newspaper WordPress theme comes with many additional benefits that make it really interesting for the users. There is search engine optimization which promotes the new content. The main reason why the theme is popular is that of the effect it has on readers. The maximum numbers of users are attracted towards the webpage due to its responsive layout and HD image display in the featured section.

Digezine – Remarkable WordPress Theme

Digezine - News Magazine
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Digezine is a bright theme that will make users fall in love with your website at first sight. A wide variety of custom widgets (like a wonderful post carousel or slider) will allow you to boost the functionality of your website. In order to help you impress your core audience, this theme comes pre-loaded with an excellent blog functionality that will let them be aware of various details regarding your company.

Blazing News – Admirable WordPress Theme

Magazine WP Theme
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A first-class template that will certainly allow nobody to stay indifferent. A fully-functional WordPress Live Customizer will allow you to spend more time on searching for captivating news than on customizing. A vast number of Google Fonts will make it possible to brighten up your website and catch the fancy of various readers on the Internet.

Mr. Gizmo – Thrilling WordPress Theme

Mr. Gizmo - Technology & Gadgets Blog WordPress Theme
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A plenty of people all over the world adore reading about various technical breakthroughs – why not provide them with an amazing presentation of them? This revolutionary template includes a myriad of exclusive options like various sidebars, social networks integration, block adjustment and others. In addition to this, you will be able to play around with your design by means of exciting topical images that come together with this theme.

The Daily Post – Wonderful WordPress Theme

News WordPress Theme
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A remarkable template that will definitely certainly capture the attention of diverse people all over the Internet. With the help of good-looking header and footer styles, you will be able to create something that astonished people at first glance. Moreover, your readers will have the opportunity to share the most well-favored posts on their social networks.

Viral News – Distinctive WordPress Theme

Media News WordPress Theme
Details | Demo

An exception theme that will allow you to spread the word about various worldwide news without any hassle. A fully-featured TM Gallery will help you to add high-quality pictures and videos to your posts. Furthermore, multiple blog layouts will make it possible to add a fresh coat of paint to your website and enrich its appearance.

King News – Gorgeous WordPress Template

KingNews GPL WordPress Template
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A magnificent template that will help you to turn your news portal into a true king among others. It comes alongside with a wide variety of exclusive widgets that are considered to be essential options for such kind of the website. In addition to this, a powerful WordPress Live Customizer will provide your with the full freedom during the customization process and allow you to view each change in a real-time mode.

Bit News – Vibrant WordPress Theme

BitNews - Blog Magazine & News Portal WordPress Theme
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A high-rate theme designed in the palette of rich colors that will definitely make an appeal to your online-project. With the help of the excellent collection of Google Fonts, you will be able to refresh the look of your website without any difficulties. Moreover, a card-based content positioning will focus people’s attention on your information and make them feel engaged.

Weekly Journal – Superb WordPress Theme

Financial Advisor Magazine WordPress Theme
Details | Demo

A splendid top-of-the-range template that comes together with a wide range of various robust functions. It includes a fully-functional social integration that will help you to grow a strong online-communication with your readers. Furthermore, an amazing built-in live search and a drop-down menu will guide them through your website and won’t allow people to get mixed.

Globera – Revolutionary WordPress Theme

Science Magazine WordPress Theme
Details | Demo

Globera is an ultimate solution for those who seek a great template for presenting science news on the web. A cosmic WordPress Live Customizer will make it possible to make a fully-fledged website out of this theme within minutes. In order to make it function at its best, this wonderful template also includes a vast number of widgets and plugins that will make certain that your website will always be on the top.

To sum up, we would like to say that all of these templates presented on the top blend an on-trend design and amazing functionality that will turn your website into something remarkable and well-known. We wish you to attract crowds of engaged readers to your website. Thanks for reading!

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